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12/15/10 07:00 pm

I saw a girl at work last night who was literally the essence of what I want to be, I wanted to cry just looking at her. She was probably 5'7 and 110lbs, and she was leggy with long curly black hair and a really pretty face. She was mixed, I think, or maybe black. She was just so tiny and stylish, she was gorgeous :(

11/15/10 01:16 pm

I'm typing this on my ipod so I'm gonna keep it short.

Intake so far is maybe 70 cals. I had a venti pike place roast and I spilled it all over the table in my art class! Embarassing. I'm gonna go get another, and maybe a perfect oatmeal from starbucks. I'm going out with a bunch of people from work, including my ex-manager who likes me and kissed me on my bday lol. He's cute but too old, and a little dorky when it comes to girls.

I need to look thin! I'll take a pic of my outfit before I go!

10/27/10 03:41 pm

All I've eaten today is a garden sandwich. White bread, cucumbers, lettuce, pickles, bell peppers, black olives,
and mustard. I'm guessing around 250 cals.

I was thinking about getting a perfect oatmeal from Starbucks (130 cals) but I'm too broke. I mean, I can
afford it, but I'd rather spend my money on something else. I'm going on another date with Anthony tonight,
then I'm driving all the way out to Riverside to spend the night with him. We're going to watch movies and
(TMI warning) probably have sex for the first time. I'm pretty excited about that.

The halloween party is tomorrow night! I'm going to get really drunk and stoned. The date last night was
so-so. The guy was short and he had the goofiest 90's hair I've ever seen. But he was nice and conversation
flowed easily. But, I just didn't feel a spark, and since I'm seeing Anthony I'm not all that desperate to start
something new with a guy. I mean if I meet another wonderful guy then great, that'd be awesome. But I'm not
going to try to force it.

I'll probably update this over the weekend to share how the party was, ttfn! <3

8/19/09 01:39 am


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10/25/08 12:38 am - LAME!

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